Friday, April 18, 2008

service learning reflection

this week was a little better, despite my desperate need for cookies,
we got some things out of the way.
we came up with surveys to give to the teachers and
students about their needs as far as tutoring.
we also brainstormed about possibilities for next years tutoring group.

Monday, April 14, 2008

service learning projects

1. I was arguing with a boy
2. there are soooo many immature fresh mans in the group
3. they were just annoying and irritating!!!!


1. we kinda got some points across as a group
2. the girls got further than the boys did. girl power!!!!
3. we got a assignment we have to turn in so were working on that.

Friday, January 4, 2008

NHD annotated bibliography

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John Kenneth Galbraith the great crash 1924 1997

Mary Gow the stock market crash of 1929 1987

Gene Smiley Rethinking the great depression 2002

Maury Klein Rainbows end the crash of 1927 2001

John Kenneth Galbraith The nature off mass poverty

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David M. Kennedy The American people In The Great Depression 1999

David F. Burg The Great Depression 1996

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My Rap- School Religion

now i sit down in school where praying is against the rule for this great nation under god finds mention of him very odd. if scripture now the class recites it violates the bill of rights and any time my head i bow becomes a federal matter now. our hair can be pink, purple, bright red, or green. that's no offense thats a freedom scene. the law isspecific the law is precise, prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice. for praying in a public hall may offend someone with no faith at all in silence alone we must meditate gods names are prohibited by the state. they've outlawed guns but first the bible to quote the good book makes me liable. we elect a pregnant senior senior queen the unwed daddy senior king it's innapropriate to teach us rght from wrong were taught that that does not belong. we can get our condoms and birth controls study witch craft and totem poles but th eten comandments are not alowed. no word of god must reach this crowd. it's scary here i must confess should chaosreign the schools a mess, so lord this silent plea i make should i be shot my soul please take amen!

Hear my rap at
Con High Religion Project